Protrusions: It's Through the Roof!

Friday, June 26th, 2020 by Paiden Hutchens

There are many technical aspects to building a solid, well-tempered, and leakless roof, but protrusions are always a trying to make it more complicated. A protrusion can be defined as any part of the home that is built through the roof, so any kind of vent, chimney, or skylight can be considered a protrusion. The issue with these additional are that it creates a perfect place for water to get under the roof, and it requires a unique solution.

Roof Protrusion

These solutions are known as flashing. Klaus Roofing Systems of Carolina knows how important this product can be in the construction of a roof. Many homeowners are not aware that this metal or plastic covering can make or break the construction of a roof. There are also tiers to flashing, for instance a copper flashing may be more expensive but more durable where an aluminum flashing would be cheaper and less durable. Around most of North Carolina, aluminum is a solid choice because it takes paint well and the weather is not extreme enough to justify a more durable product.

Roof Protrusion with Flashing

With that being said, all roofs are different! What works best for one may not work best for another. That is why we exist and have trained professionals inspect our customers roof to make sure only what is needed for a solid roof to be built is used.

We offer free inspections. If your roof needs some work give us a call!

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