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Leaking Roof with Warped Shingles Repair in Colfax, NC

Failing pipe boots and damaged shingles were allowing water underneath the roof where the sunroof addition was added. We had to repair this section to keep the roof from leaking. We added new underlayment, ice and water guard, vent pipe boots, and brand new IKO shingles across the connected area. This sealed the roof transition and stopped the water damage.

Installation of Laminated Shingles in Colfax, NC

Due to leakage at the step flashing on this roof, we needed to replace the shingles around the area. We installed new laminated shingles and the end product looks great. 

Walkertown, NC Shingle Roof Replacement

This roof had two layers of shingles and was extremely worn. We peeled back the entire roof, replaced the rotten decking, and re-installed an asphalt shingle roof layer by layer. This included better flashing, and seals around ventilation.

New Seamless Gutter Installation in Kernersville, NC

The barn this homeowner had in his backyard had its gutters falling off. We ordered our seamless gutters in a special color per his request to match the red of the barn, and now the runoff from the roof can be caught the way it should be and flow away properly. 

Replacing Leaky Roof in Kernersville, NC

The old worn out shingles and beat up ridge vent on this roof were starting to let water get into the attic. The poor venting also created a perfect environment for mold. We did a full roof replacement, fixing the deck, installing a proper ridge vent and vent pipe boots, and brand-new shingles on a synthetic underlayment to seal this roof.

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