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Repairing Damaged Roof from Knocked Over Tree in Oak Ridge, NC

The recent storm and wind from the tropical storm blew trees down all over NC and one smashed this shed's roof. This roof needed to be fixed immediately to keep the inside from being drenched. So, we removed the debris, repaired the damaged structure, and re-roofed the shed to get it back into working condition.

Replacing Old Weathered Roof in Oak Ridge, NC

The old three-tab shingles on this roof had seen better days. In light of some recent storms, it was apparent that they were not protecting the roof and home properly. We tore off the old roof and replaced it with brand-new shingles, vent pipe boots, and flashing, to create a watertight roofing system. 

Flashing Leak Repair for Bay Window in Greensboro, NC

One of the most common causes of roof leaks is improper roof flashing. We installed new flashing around this area of the roof in order to prevent in roof leaks in the future. The finished product looks great. 

Re-Roofing Old Failing Roof in Greensboro, NC

The flashing and shingles on this roof have been failing the rest of the home. They had lost their seal and have been letting water get into the attic. This damage over the years needed to be fixed before the entire home was experiencing issues from water leaking in.

Replacing Roof and Chimney Flashing in Greensboro, NC

The aged roof on this home started having issues with leakage and ventilation. So, we re-roofed it and installed everything new including flashing to seal the chimney.

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